Design A Unique Master Bathroom

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Design A Unique Master Bathroom

29 December 2019
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When people enter your home, do they know right away that you decorate in a very unique style? Now that you are designing your master bathroom, do you want to carry out that unique look that you love? Maybe you are looking for ideas. If so, you'll find plenty of good ones as you continue reading.

A very good place for you to start your master bathroom decorating will be with the selection of a glass shower door. Maybe you are fortunate enough to have a large, luxurious shower. If that's the case, think of selecting a contemporary curved design for the glass door. Choose one that doesn't have hardware as part of the design. 

If you have a smaller master bathroom, you might have decided to have a shower/bathtub combination. In that case, choose a shower door that has built-in towel bars. Choose distinctive hardware for the shower doors. Here are some different hardware finishes that will add a unique feeling to the bathroom:

  • Silver satin
  • Brushed nickel
  • Matte black
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Brass
  • Pewter

The kind of glass you select will add to the unique look you are seeking. For instance, if you go with the curved contemporary glass shower door, think of selecting a frosted glass. Doing that will assure that you still have privacy. A gridscape framed door is another idea for a unique design.

Think of going to a bathroom showroom to get ideas. There will more than likely be a salesperson from a bathroom supply facility who will be willing to show you the different designs their company carries. Checking out model homes is another way you might get ideas for your master bathroom. 

Think of hand-painting a design on your cabinet doors. For example, if you want a bit of a Mexican or Tuscan feeling in the bathroom, you could do a freestyle painting of a floral design in the center of each cabinet door. Use the same design around the middle of the bathroom or around the top of the walls. If you're not comfortable hand-painting the design, a stencil would give a very similar look and it would be relatively easy to do.

Is there enough space in your bathroom to have a chair and a small table as part of the decor? If you can fit a floor-to-ceiling shelf in the bathroom, that would be great. You could display things like unique collectibles, plants, framed photographs, and your extra towels. 

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