Misconceptions About Fiberglass Replacement Windows

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Misconceptions About Fiberglass Replacement Windows

29 April 2015
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Among the many window types available, fiberglass is often the most misunderstood. This is partly because homeowners often prefer to go for the tried and tested wooden window designs that are known to offer fantastic curb appeal, strength and easy maintenance.

However, though it lacks the timeless popularity and long history of wood or vinyl, fiberglass puts up a pretty good case as to why it should top your replacement window options. Fiberglass is more customizable than wood and vinyl in terms of color and design, can outlast wood as it does not rot or get damaged by insects, and is very good at energy efficiency.

Misconceptions surrounding fiberglass often lead many homeowners to refrain from using it when replacing their existing windows. There's no better time than the present to expose the truths behind 2 of the most popular myths about fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass can chip or crack easily

Don't let the name mislead you. Though fiberglass is thought to be brittle because it is essentially glass, it actually offers better impact resistance than wood or vinyl. This means that fiberglass windows will certainly outlive other alternatives, while providing superior heat retention as it is impervious to extreme temperatures.

If properly installed, seal failure is very rare with fiberglass, as the window is essentially all glass, and there are therefore no frames - as would be the case with wood or vinyl windows - that expand and contract causing structural damage. However, in order to improve its longevity and performance, fiberglass has to be measured, built and installed by a professional, as any installation problems will cause the window to fail much earlier.

Fiberglass windows have to be painted

This misconception springs from the fact that fiberglass window designs come in a wide variety of colors and finishes than vinyl and wood. While many homeowners prefer to have their fiberglass windows painted, the truth is that fiberglass does not require any painting. Raw fiberglass demonstrates excellent UV resistance and heat retention even without any finish makeover, and painting is only done to customize a window design or complement the home's exterior.

Another similar misconception is that paint on fiberglass peels off easily, as compared to coatings on vinyl or wood. While paint may peel off if not applied properly, a professional window installer can ensure that the finish materials are prepared correctly, ensuring the fiberglass retains a fresh, unfading look for a long time. When tired of their window design, homeowners always have the option of repainting their fiberglass windows for a rejuvenated look. Contact Beyers Window & Door Inc for more information.

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