Testing Your Automatic Doors For Accuracy

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Testing Your Automatic Doors For Accuracy

7 August 2015
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If you have decided to place automatic doors in your place of business, your customers will soon be enjoying the freedom of walking through without needing to take the time to pull or push open a heavy door. This is a great feature for people who are carrying large items in or out of your establishment, making repeat business apt to occur because of the convenience you are providing. In order to keep customers happy with this feature, you will want to make sure your doors are running without failure. Here are two tests you can do on your automatic doors to check they are working properly. If they fail one of these tests, call a repair service immediately to fix the problem.

Test The Speed

Periodically check the speed at which your doors open and shut to make sure people are able to get through without having to stop for the doors to open or rush to get through before they shut. Nonchalantly walk up to the door and see if you need to slow down your speed to get through comfortably. While walking through, do not quicken your pace (unless you fear the door will shut on you) to see if you have ample time to get through at a slow speed. If you had to alter your step at any time while going through, call your automatic door repair service to have the timing tweaked.

Test The Sensor

Your door has a sensor which alerts it to open or shut. If the sensor is not working properly, your doors may stay in a closed or open state, causing people confusion when trying to enter or leave your building. This can cause you to lose customers who cannot get inside if the doors do not open.  It could let in insects, moisture or debris from the outside if the doors do not shut. To check the sensor, do spot checks every week to make sure the doors will open or shut if something is obstructing the path.

Hold out an umbrella or cane into the pathway of the doors and keep it there for several seconds to see if the doors remain open. Slowly move the item away to see if the doors shut, and quickly move it back into the path to see if they reopen as they were in the process of shutting or if they will close on the item. If they do not sense the object being in the way, turn off your doors and have people enter through a side or back entrance until you can have the sensor repaired.

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