Look Out For These Five Garage Door Problems

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Look Out For These Five Garage Door Problems

4 February 2016
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When it comes to garage door repairs, it's usually wise to leave it to the professionals, like the ones at A Premier Door Corporation. That's especially the case if the problem has to do with elements of the door that have high amounts of tension on them, like cables and garage door springs. If you're wondering what's going on with your door, here's an explanation of five common garage door problems.

The door is difficult to open and close

A garage door that is working optimally rolls smoothly up and down the tracks that are on both sides of the door. If the door seems to have some spots that are hard to push through, it could be that the track is out of alignment. A bent track can cause a roller to pop out of the track, which can severely interfere with the door's operation.

The garage door is stuck down

If the door is stuck in the down position, there's a very good chance it has a broken garage door spring. If you look at the springs at the top of the door, you should be able to see if one of them has broken. The springs hold most of the weight when garage doors open, so even if you have a working motor operator on the door, the door will still stay down.

The door is crooked in the opening

A door that's crooked in the opening is often the result of a cable issue, whether there's a broken cable or a cable that's come off the drum. A frequent cause of cables popping off the drum is doors being lowered with an object in the way, such as a tire.

The door flies open

Sometimes a garage door seems abnormally feather light. When you open it, it flies open and hits against the track bumpers; this is a concern for a few reasons, including that,

  • The door can push past the bumpers and get stuck open
  • A cable may come off the drum
  • The force of the door hitting the tracks can damage the door
  • If the door hits the bumpers too hard, window glass can fall out

When a door is too light, the springs probably need adjusting. It's also possible the door may have springs that are too heavy-duty for its weight.

The Garage Door Opens by Itself

Before you call in ghost busters, there's often an easy solution to this issue. It's often the case that the remote transmitter is stuck underneath something that's accidentally pressing the control mechanism. Sometimes a neighbor may have the same frequency, and they're inadvertently opening your garage along with theirs.

Many common garage door problems can be avoided with proper maintenance and care of the door. At the least, perform a monthly visual inspection.

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