Should You Choose a Hinged or Sliding Patio Door?

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Should You Choose a Hinged or Sliding Patio Door?

9 July 2020
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Choosing a patio door can be a difficult task. Depending on the setup of your home, you may want a sliding patio door but are unsure if you want to go through the steps to take out part of the wall and add a longer door.

Are you still deciding what kind of door to add to your patio? These are just a few things you should consider before making your final decision.

Hinged Doors Offer Elegance

Hinged doors do offer an air of elegance that sliding patio doors offer. Hinged doors allow you to have one or two doors, and you can choose different styles, colors, and hardware to create a style or look that you love.

Sliding Doors Are Safer Than They Used to Be

Sliding doors used to have a reputation for shattering, but glass has improved over the years. Glass used on these doors is now largely shatterproof.

Hinged Doors Open All the Way

Sliding doors may feel like a waste of space at times because they don't open completely. Hinged doors open as large as the space designated for the door.

Sliding Doors Save Space

A sliding patio door does save space because you don't have to worry about leaving such a large space in front of the doors. You don't have to worry about moving things out of the way to open the door.

Hinged Doors Can Block Light

If you want to keep light out of your house, doing so with a hinged door might be simpler and more affordable than with a sliding door. You have less surface area to block out.

Sliding Doors Can Offer Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important during certain months of the year, but sliding doors can be insulated in such a way that they prevent air from coming in or escaping.

Sliding Doors Offer Gorgeous Views

Do you want to have more of a view from your home? Do you want to incorporate your patio into your home's interior? Consider a glass sliding door that allows you to bring elements of your patio inside throughout the day.

Call a Door Installation Professional

Door installation is easy when you hire a professional. A professional can install either a hinged or sliding door ​depending on your preferences. Do you want to talk over your options a bit more? Call a local door installation pro today for more information.

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