Repairing The Problems That Could Impact Your Commercial Door

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Repairing The Problems That Could Impact Your Commercial Door

25 May 2022
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The door to your business is one of the most important parts of your building as it will be critical for allowing customers and employees to enter or exit your building. Unfortunately, your commercial entry doors can suffer problems that may impact their performance until the necessary repairs are completed.

Damage To The Tracks For The Commercial Door

If you have a sliding commercial door, damage to the tracks can be an issue that could greatly impact the performance of the doors. In particular, damage to these tracks can prevent the door from opening or closing correctly. As a result, you may find that the doors can become jammed. If your business's door has suffered this problem, it is necessary to have a commercial door repair service inspect the tracks. In some cases, it may be possible to repair the doors by bending the warped tracks into the correct position. However, there may be instances where the damage to these tracks is too severe to be repaired in this manner. In these situations, the tracking will need to be removed and replaced.

Faulty Automatic Opening System

Many modern commercial door systems will use automatic opening systems to increase the accessibility of the building. These systems are normally highly reliable, but they can still experience components failing, which may prevent these systems from working as intended. An example of this could be faulty sensors that may not detect when a person is approaching the doors. Additionally, it can be possible for the motor that is responsible for opening the door to fail. If you are noticing any performance issues with your commercial door opening system, a professional repair technician will be needed to perform a thorough diagnostic of this system to determine the cause of the problem. By scheduling this work as soon as possible, you can limit the risk of it creating problems for customers that are attempting to enter or exit your building.

Cracks, Graffiti, Or Other Types Of Glass Damage

Commercial doors will often feature large windows. While these windows can make a business appear more welcoming to potential customers, it is possible for these glass panes to suffer damage. In some cases, this may be due to storms or accidents cracking the glass. However, criminals may also target these glass panes to try to gain entry to the building or they may leave graffiti on them. While repairing damage to the glass panes in your commercial door may be an inconvenient task, it can be an important step for ensuring your business projects professionalism to your clients and customers.

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